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Yoga Updates

Red Skies Yoga needed to update instructor images on their website. It’s a beautiful studio, and I was fortunate to shoot live yoga there before.

This time it was headshots and poses. It amazes me how they can control their body. We got some great images, although many confessed they were more comfortable with their bodies posing than in front of the camera for headshots.

Their talent and ability was evident and made for some amazing images. Check out Dan and Jyothi. 

I’m not sure I could unwind from those …

Dan takes a pretty good headshot, as it turns out, as does Erica.

Actually, I was very happy with them all. Very dedicated, talented, and good looking people.

Location work does bring its share of challenges. The Rock N Roller multi cart certainly helped with the equipment, and I don’t travel light (hey, you can’t use it if you leave it home …). I had some camera issues (mainly due to the tether cable I was using – since replaced with one that plugs directly into the Thunderbolt-3 port of my Macbook Pro), but that’s what backups are for and hence the equipment load.

If you’re a yogi – or even if you’re not – check them out. Tell Jess (the studio manager) I sent you and say “hi” to Belle. 

I think Belle has about the same yoga ability as I do …

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