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Winter: 2 Views

An assignment for Insidious Tomatoes was “winter.” That’s it.

Living in NE Florida, this was tough, at least for me. Here it is late February and it was 81 yesterday. Come on, it actually got down to 31 one night. Geesh. We suffer too. Thankfully I have a digital thermostat so it can apply heat/AC as appropriate without me having to think about it.

The topic was tough because like most folks I think of cold (it has been pointed out this is not the same as winter), snow, ice, that type of thing. And rather than “cheat” I wanted to use my locale to illustrate the concept.

I have this image, taken some years ago, that to me says winter, at least here:




I still couldn’t get the cold concept out of my head. What to do? I decided to juxtapose winter activities and dress with the beach. Sand instead of snow. And I am a people photographer, so human being required. So I had the model dress in scarf, gloves, and hat, sit on a “sled” (it really is made for the snow), and came up with this:


 And this:


These are composites: she was photographed in studio and added to the scene. No sea oats or dunes were harmed in the creation of the images. Fortunately when I shot the background the sky was overcast which helps sell the concept without having to composite in an interesting sky.

Do you know how hard it is to find winter sports equipment to borrow in Florida? I ended up buying the saucer thingy from Amazon for $8.

I have been doing the Kodachrome thing with my image processing lately; for some reason I go with a more illustrative look for my composites, as I did here.


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