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Windy Evening at Red Rocks

This one was close. I was almost served a major dose of disappointment as my coveted desert shoot almost never materialized. Almost.

But a favorite model – Brittainy – arrived to save the day.

Speaking of which, there wasn’t much of one. By the time we got organized and out to the location it was pushing 3:00; it gets dark around 4:45. So we hunkered down and got to shooting.

I’ve shot landscapes (OK, stop laughing) there before, but having a model always, as they say, adds interest. Seriously. I am a people shooter, after all.

I love the play of the red rocks vs. the blue sky, and also the movement the wind creates. I was just trying to match exposure with the sky and not key-shift too much, just enough to have saturation (so maybe 1 stop). Using a wide-angle lens accentuated her length (she is a dancer), and the low angle – which I prefer – adds a sense of majesty to my subjects. I prefer going low. The distortion from the lens (I’m at 24mm) adds I think to the composition – it’s bending the edges of the frame away, making the image appear almost continuous. A curve, not a rectangle.

I should mention that we also had an able assistant, Jamie, with us all the way from the UK (He ain’t from around here. He’s from Angland)¬†holding the light.


We had to work fast, hence keep it simple. I adhere to the adage use as many lights as you need, but start with 1. 1 it turns out, was all we needed. And in the wind that was whipping up in the desert, much easier to control.

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