Windy Evening at Red Rocks

This one was close. I was almost served a major dose of disappointment as my coveted desert shoot almost never materialized. Almost.

But a favorite model – Brittainy – arrived to save the day.

Speaking of which, there wasn’t much of one. By the time we got organized and out to the location it was pushing 3:00; it gets dark around 4:45. So we hunkered down and got to shooting.

I’ve shot landscapes (OK, stop laughing) there before, but having a model always, as they say, adds interest. Seriously. I am a people shooter, after all.

I love the play of the red rocks vs. the blue sky, and also the movement the wind creates. I was just trying to match exposure with the sky and not key-shift too much, just enough to have saturation (so maybe 1 stop). Using a wide-angle lens accentuated her length (she is a dancer), and the low angle – which I prefer – adds a sense of majesty to my subjects. I prefer going low. The distortion from the lens (I’m at 24mm) adds I think to the composition – it’s bending the edges of the frame away, making the image appear almost continuous. A curve, not a rectangle.

I should mention that we also had an able assistant, Jamie, with us all the way from the UK (He ain’t from around here. He’s from Angland) holding the light.


We had to work fast, hence keep it simple. I adhere to the adage use as many lights as you need, but start with 1. 1 it turns out, was all we needed. And in the wind that was whipping up in the desert, much easier to control.

More TK.

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