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Why You Should Consider an Editorial Portrait

An editorial portrait tells a story. About you. Whether you are a model or a mom or both, who you are is as important to whomever is viewing your photograph as what you are.

For women, I’ll admit a bias towards beauty and glamour. I don’t accept the “it’s not me” categorization. Every portfolio needs a beauty and glamour shot. Every woman needs one too, because that’s how their loved ones see them. It’s how you deserve to be seen.

For men, it’s about character and personality. Strength.

Contemporary portraiture is not about the glitz for women, and its not about the formal portrait of a man against grey seamless. It’s more relaxed, yet sophisticated. It reflects what is important to you, but it is about you.

It is the photographers job to use the tools at his disposal in order to accomplish this. The difference a photographer makes to the process is in the details – the pose, the mood of the image, the composition. He uses the tools available to him and the style that he has developed.

A successful portrait has a connection with the viewer. An editorial portrait tends to have a higher emotional content. There is a sense of time and of place that adds interest.  If we know them, we understand the context. Yes, that is who I know and love. If we don’t know them, we become interested. We want to know more about them. This is the look I am after. I can use them in my advertising campaign. I can cast them for the role.

You should consider an editorial portrait because your story deserves to be told.


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