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When Dancers Don’t Have to Dance

to make a statement.

What other art form is so recognizable when the artist is not performing? I suppose the case could be made for a painter standing by his brushes and canvas, or a musician by his instruments, but I don’t think the impact is as profound as a dancer in costume. Especially when they are wearing pointe shoes.

What is it about pointe shoes that so quickly conveys the message? You could wear a bath robe and pointe shoes and everyone – well – gets the point.

Dancers to me always look graceful, coiled and about to take off. In this image – shot in a parking lot in front of a gas station and a busy road – there is a sense of grace and motion and even power even though the dancer is simply leaning against a bus. She looks like she will spring forward at any moment. En pointe.

Dancers are¬†powerful. Their muscle tone and strength is not always evident until the performance. But the power they convey to imagery is overt – it takes over a photograph, pulling the viewer in. The image itself may attempt to whisper, but the dancer shouts it. And we the viewer don’t mind. Turn up the volume!

This was shot in a parking lot, in front of a gas station and a busy road. The bus is tacky. So much for an elaborate set. But that isn’t really necessary, is it? It is the dancer who rules. Even when she isn’t dancing.



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