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I’ve made some minor changes to the site to clarify what I do and what I can offer you. This manifests itself in some menu changes and redesigned pages, and an updated portfolio.

Every post needs a picture, so, in continuing my recent headshot series, I offer Kristen:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

This was shot with more of a traditional, portrait, lighting arrangement. Please look at my other posts for examples of other lighting decisions.

Headshots can have very different look and feel to them, depending on lighting, posing, and composition. The choice is yours in terms of style, ¬†although you hire me for my artistic decisions and interpretation. Photography should be a collaborative effort between subject and photographer, It is the photographer’s responsibility to pose and present (through lighting and composition) the subject within the general interests of the subject. What differentiates photographers is the particular aesthetic they bring to the finished product. This is the photographer’s vision.

My roots are in beauty and glamour photography. I bring these with me to the humble headshot, together with contemporary lighting and posing choices.


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