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Water Flosser

In part in keeping with the dental nature of my latest endeavor, and in part as a challenge, I wanted to shoot the water flosser that I use and do something different with the product name. So this was shot for portfolio to demonstrate ability.

The challenge photographically was a sold top with transparent base (and one with color at that). I also wanted tone-on-tone for the upper portion of the device to show capability in that area as well (subtle separation of tones).

This is what I came up with:

I shot on white acrylic for a reflection and a white background.

As for the lettering, I wanted something water related. I rejected a first approach of having water shoot from the nozzle as too cheesy (and perhaps too complex. I am after all a minimalist in style). So I finally settled on 3D text (with no extrusion) and added water splashes from my library.

For manufacturers/distributors/retailers, I can handle tone-on-tone images! There are other examples in my online portfolio as well.

For you photographers, more detail on Flickr

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