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Watch Shot for Portfolio

I didn’t have a watch shot for my port so I finally added one of my Pebble Steele with the “Modern” clock face:

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Again I started with an inspirational image by Karl Taylor (he, along with the late Gary Perweiler, are my current favorite product photographers). This image is not a copy of his, but did give me ideas on where to start.

The Steele is an interesting watch. It is a “smart watch” that communicates with your phone. The clock face is digital (and in fact it has replaceable ones – this is one I added). Mine is black, but I elected to show reflective highlights on the frame to give it form. The reflections are from the glass which covers the entire face of the watch, so highlights will be visible here if you wear it.

I chose not to alter the font rendition on the watch face. It is somewhat pixelated in the weather and date display, but that is the way it is.

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