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To Err is Human

Well, I did the ultimate faux paux – I scheduled a shoot for the wrong day. Nothing is more embarrassing or unprofessional. And to make matters worse, I double and triple-checked it. I just had the wrong date in mind.

We were scheduled to shoot some Hollywood Glam, one of my favorites. Since the studio was booked, that went out the window. Location editorial, anyone?

Actually, the shoot turned out great, I think, and my model – CJ – was most gracious and accommodating. She was of the divine variety – the forgiving kind.

Even though it was not what we planned, I really did like the files I got from the shoot. It was very windy, so my modifier selection went to the MaxiLite and a secondary bare speedlight for accent. The wind provided nice movement in her dress, and I really like the editorial/fashion looks we got, like the following:



I even went for some “natural” light shots; hey, I’m trying to show some versatility here 🙂 :


CJ was cute as a button and suffered the perils of location shooting with a definite grace. We were rewarded with many selects and good work for our portfolios.

A reminder that I am showing/selling a variety of work at the Art Walk in Downtown Jacksonville on Wednesday the 2nd. I’ll have special pricing on hand crafted prints. If nothing else, please stop by and say “hi.” And though forgiven for getting the date wrong, there is a special divinity for getting this right.

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