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Tis the Season

for Christmas card pics.  

The Stringers chose a beach location, and we decided on an evening shoot. Sky color and low tide.

Here in Florida (well, at least on our side of Florida) this means facing East for the ocean. The sun is West in the evening, so some care has to be taken with respect to lighting and subject placement. I generally don’t like front lit subjects (at least from the ambient), so I thought some (not a lot, but some) key shifting was in order. That meant strobe.

I thought color very important, so I decided to highlight that aspect of the images (it was after all sunset). We did start about 45 minutes before to get some variety in how that looked.

Professionally shot imagery is all about control – how to achieve specific looks by controlling light, color, and gesture. Hats off to Jay Maisel. Sometimes all 3 are involved.



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