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The Red Leather Chair at #9

Ksaundra and I worked together years ago in the old studio (#9). That studio had 2 cyc walls – a black and a white, a bar, and a red leather chair.

Ksaundra Studio III

Ksaundra had a flair for the dramatic and put together some equally dramatic costumes. She was also a dancer, so she could control her body and was exceptional at posing.

Sometimes an image needs a pop of color to really work. And red really works. The image is basically monochromatic, including Ksaundra’s black-and-white outfit. And while I find it very difficult to get selective color images to work, those done naturally seem to always, as is the case here.

So the red chair provides the color, and Ksaundra provides the gesture. But I also think the light plays well with the scene, too. Although the source is large, to provide coverage it is placed some distance away and thus is a harder, edgier source – seems appropriate here. The light provides speculars on the chair and that defining shadow on her face. And while I normally prefer my eyes more lit, in this case it adds a sense of mystery.

Technical details on the shot can be found onĀ flickr.

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