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The Print

The digital age has brought us the web, iPad, 27″ monitors. One thing that it hasn’t replaced is the photographic print.

This isn’t an either/or discourse.

Each display medium has its own look and feel, and its own place. But the technology differences between the print and the LCD lead to 2 different experiences. One isn’t “better” than the other – they both have their place – but there is something about holding a print that makes it a compelling experience. We can touch it. It has texture and dimension. It breathes.

Rather than emitting light it reflects it. It has subtlety and a presence about it. It is what we think of when we hear the word “photograph.”

I’m not talking about the one done at the drug store or the super store. I am talking quality – the oversight and execution by the photographer to ensure that his vision is realized. A properly printed image has depth and dimension the mass-produced ones don’t.

When we think of a portrait, we always think of the print. Yes we have facebook images, but we don’t really see these as proper portraits, do we? They seem something less. But the print, it is regal. Properly mounted and framed and on display it becomes a finished art piece. A masterpiece.

Indulge yourself. Have a high quality print made. You deserve it.

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