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The Graduate

Time, as they say, moves on. It’s a vector. Second law of thermodynamics and all.

As on cue, Natalie is now a college graduate. Magna cum laude. The pandemic really changed things, as in no on-campus, no graduation, no graduation pics, etc. That’s where dad comes in. He is, after all, a photographer.

So we did 2 shoots: an informal, location one, and the usual cap and gown one.


Except the whole static thing just wasn’t cutting it for me. So we did some hand posing to spice it up a bit and came up with this:

Different, yet somewhat traditional.

BTW grey is my new go-to. Perhaps it always has been, though seamless and I don’t necessarily get along always. Wrinkles. Tears. What have you. But nothing a little brush work in Photoshop won’t cure. 

With this outfit it is not only traditional but goes well. You can also turn that background white (with enough light), black (with none), throw gels at it, etc. It is the most versatile color you can use for a backdrop. Add a background light like I have and create a separation highlight. Magic.

These are the environmental shots. Dog optional.

Simple, 5″ reflector on the Quadra HS head. Love the control HS gives you without having to put welding glass in front of your lens to key shift (though used as fill here). Revolutionary in my book. And I prefer HS to HSS.

Stuck at home with no grad pics? Contact me. We can fix that.

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