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The Fair

I had an assignment to produce “a nostalgic look at something.” I had done a 70’s shoot with a model (for “something vintage”), so I thought this time around I would do something different.

My daughter and her friend went to our local fair (which is actually pretty good sized – one of the larger ones). I provided transportation and decided to go as well – bringing my pocket camera, of course – and am glad I did.

Deja vu all over again.

One of the highlights of my life was the Fireman’s Bazaar held at the small town where I grew up. It could probably fit in one of the entrances to this fair (it was held in a small parking lot), but I will always remember the times I had there.

I had flashes of these same feelings as I walked around, shooting pictures and watching people enjoy themselves. The fair doesn’t exactly attract a high brow crowd, but, as my dad likes to say, we come from good peasant stock so I appreciated my surroundings and the folks – young and old – that were enjoying themselves.

I decided a composite of my experience, recorded by my camera, would effectively define nostalgia for me. At least in imagery. I added some tweaking in post processing and came up with this:

Nothing says “good times” like throw-up rides, funnel cakes, and a giant rat.

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