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The Dan Winters Look

If you Google the Dan Winters look you’ll get all kinds of images with all kinds of lighting styles. I tend to use the term for the type of lighting he chose for this portrait of Tom Hanks, for example.I don’t know if Dan developed this style or not, but he certainly made it famous for portraits like this.

It’s relatively straightforward and quite dramatic: key being a gridded strobe backed by a large fill, like an umbrella. You dial in the fill to taste.

I was experimenting with Mel the other day and came up with this variation:

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I added the smokey/green atmospheric thing because I liked the way it played off of her red hair. And her tattoo.

This isn’t exactly a glamour, beauty, or portrait lighting style I would pick as a general lighting style for women, but I think it worked it this case. In any event, I was going for something different and I am happy with the experiment.

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