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The Concept That (Almost) Got Away

I had this really great idea. I had just attended a recital of modern dance. I liked the powerful, athletic, deliberate moves. I was going to a lake for a couple of days of R&R. I was asked to do some family pictures, so the camera gear was going (well, it was going anyways), so why not combine the two? Some moden dance poses off a dock with the lake as a background! Brilliant!

When we arrived it got even better. The roof of a boathouse, easily accessible, angled off to an infinity edge. This is awesome!

Who could refuse the siren song of art! It beckons!



It was 100. Black roof. The wardrobe didn’t exactly come together. The bystanders (who actually were there to admire and thought the whole scene was pretty cool) didn’t exactly inspire the talent. The reluctant talent. The talent that really didn’t want to be doing this at the moment. And the sky was pretty featureless and boring … even key-shifting didn’t help.

So after a few frames I threw in the towel.

When I got home I picked one frame and worked on it. A little texture for the sky. A little more tweaking in post. It’s OK. I tried.

And then I tried a B&W conversion.


The photographer’s joke about B&W is that it produces instant art. Not exactly what I originally had in mind, but it does say something to me. The concept was not as envisioned, but it did peek up from that pile of digital negatives occupying my hard disk. If only for a moment.

Nice try, hombre.

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