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The Best Camera

is the one you have with you. Chase Jarvis.

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Image – and light – by iPhone.

I’m not going to tell you this is out-of-camera, because it’s not. I post process everything. Nor am I going to tell you that an iPhone, even a 6, can replace either my full frame camera or even my Rx-100 (the best, in my opinion, pocket camera). It can’t. But it was there. So it certainly beats them both because, well, they weren’t there.

I didn’t try to make perfect what wasn’t, so my post was bare essentials. Keep the look-and-feel. ¬†Even though it is 8 megapixels, the iPhone is not either one of those cameras mentioned above. It doesn’t have a $2,000 lens. In low light it has really decent, but not great, ISO performance. It’s a little noisy.

But it was there.

And without it, I never would have captured this moment with my son and grandson. In a tacky and crowded restaurant.

A reminder to me that it is the image that counts. The moment.

When planned, the better equipment will yield the better image. Make no mistake about that. Or at least make it easier to obtain. Certainly the background could be improved. But you take what you can get. And relish it.

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