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That Big Reflector in the Sky

I’m not talking about the sun.

Take a look at this image of Ebonayre shot last week at Point Dume:


Unlike the overwhelming body of my work, this has no supplemental lighting (there is a back story to this, but I’ll spare you). Notice the rim over his shoulders which provides beautiful separation (that and the bokeh which I alluded to in my previous post). That is not coming from the sun. Well, not directly, at least.

You see, he is facing the sun. Actually, he is facing the general direction of the sun as it sets (it is off to his left, camera left, and behind camera. The sun is lost in cloud, and what you are seeing providing rim here is actually reflection from the clouds behind him. Those clouds are acting like a giant reflector. The huge softbox facing him is sun behind clouds, providing both key and fill.

Neat, huh.

The processing here is totally the opposite from the majority of the images from this shoot. I feel that close, intimate portraits like this  should be warm, so I  created a warm/cool contrast between him and the background.

For the rest of the images, I went more editorial/lifestyle, cooling everything down and going very edgy. Like this:


2 very different looks from the same shoot, And the same light. Which did not, strangely (at least for me), actually originate with me.

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