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Taste in Volume

Tastes change. My tastes have definitely changed (I think). At least I’m more aware of what my current evolution is as a photographer.

And yet, looking back through my portfolio over the years, one thing remains constant in my location work: an emphasis on scope and volume in the image.

They say you either see the world wide-angle or telephoto. I don’t think it’s as easy as that, as I have 2 distinct ways of viewing.

Editorially, I see the world in terms of wide angle lenses. I like volume in my images. But, whereas I found myself really bending the edges of frames with the distortion of really wide glass, now I’m more content with a”normal” view of things. Still wide, but with less distortion. More volume. Less filling.

For portrait, I remain faithful to my telephoto zoom. It brings an intimacy to my images.

In terms of lighting, I am finding that my editorial work outdoors has become lighter. I key shift much less than before, keeping the sky bright rather than saturated. I also emphasize this more in post processing. Maybe it’s just the summer and a reflection of mood.

Just the opposite for portrait work. Emotion in an image I find tied to shadow, although bright tone-on-tone images have their place too. Perhaps I’m a little more general in my approach to portrait lighting. Less trendy. I like the classics: short/loop, beauty.


This image of Natalie reflects, I think, where my head is at now in terms of editorial location work. Though my legs may be eaten by what we call in Florida no-see-ems,  this area of beach has called out to me to express myself photographically as of late. The image has volume, with a naturally bright sky and a more subdued color palette. My lens selection keeps edge distortion to a minimum, and, for a wide angle at least, the bokeh is actually pleasing. The fact that there is bokeh at all makes me smile.

At least until my tastes change once again. Or maybe not.

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