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Swamp Thing

Oh, all right. How about Marsh Thing. And the Thing is rather pretty. Or maybe I’m referring to the itsy-bitsy spider that was terrorizing the talent.

This past weekend found us in hot (HOT) Tideview Preserve in Atlantic Beach, FL. My hometown. Conditions were, well, miserable. Plenty of sweat to go around.

Fortunately, Natasha here decided to bring her “A” game and we came back with a little taste of Old Florida.

 Natasha had Haley with her, and we (OK, they) did some dance posing, too.

Location shooting has its challenges, and you don’t always come back with what you expect. Time is never wasted (although your sanity can be questioned at times); if you don’t get the shot in the can this time, at least you get a better idea of how you can get it the next. Things generally do have a habit of working themselves out, to be honest, and you find yourself with interesting and different images for your portfolio (and I’m talking talent as well as photographer).

Location images are great. You need studio images to be sure. But a great location shot can get you remembered – professionally and personally. Make sure you get some for your dancing and modeling portfolio. Or for your wall.

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