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Sure hope the C-stand doesn’t rust

A Nor’easter blew into town last week. I had a shoot scheduled for Big Talbot Island, with a contingency for studio work. It finally stopped raining, so we decided to risk it.

I’m glad we did (although beach access went from a 2′ drop to a 6′ one. Getting down was a lot easier than getting up).

The beach we shot at is known as “The Boneyard” due to all the trees that have fallen off the bluff. Eerie, but kinda cool. You can almost hear the pirates.

I used the Quadra and A head, bringing a C-stand to support it but using just the Portalite (15″ one) with a translucent dome deflector instead of the front baffle. This gives a look like a beauty dish (mildly specular) but with better feathering capability due to the sides of the softbox.

In keeping with the look of The Boneyard, I chose to use a heavy texture and juxtapose the beautiful model against this eerie scene:

Of course, we also opted to do some straight beauty images as well, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition style:

With the tide coming in though I had to place the C-stand in harms way. My experience with salt water and steel is not a good one. Hopefully my rinsing it off is enough …

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