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Standoff Revisited

I was approached by the UK magazine Amateur Photographer to write an article on this, one of my signature images.


They were interested in the concept behind the image (one I too briefly wrote about in my post An Absence of Limits) and some of the steps used in creating the image. Although the article is primarily about the Photoshop techniques used, it got me thinking of how I’ve drifted in my image approach from the creative and fanciful to the more traditional and realistic. I do more retouching these days than compositing (at least fanciful compositing).

I started to think about why, and I think the reasons are twofold: my doing more commercial-oriented work, and where I look for inspiration. Even my Christmas Card this year was more straightforward (to the disappointment of the recipients).

That last comment wasn’t meant to imply that I feel my recent work has suffered. My current approach I think is more useful, while the conceptual composites are more playful, at least in my mind. Although the 2 can certainly coexist.

Writing that article has inspired me to think more about my photographic roots and the image as fantasy. I’m not promising anything soon, but the gears are turning …

The article is scheduled to appear in the August 6 edition.



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