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St. Johns River View

I was on assignment, photographing a home off Alta Drive in Jacksonville. The house was located on the St. John’s river and, while modest, had one of the most beautiful river/marsh views that I have seen.

It was just about to thunderstorm – one of those deep, bellicose thunderstorms we get here in North Florida – but the sky was overcast and not overly dramatic. Yet you could feel the heaviness of the atmosphere. I worked quickly, trying to get in before the skies opened, and was rewarded with this:

I think B&W is most appropriate here. The scene, though spectacular, was indeed moody. And gray. Very gray.

Though not a landscape photographer, I enjoy both looking at and occasionally creating them. When the mood strikes, as was the case here. It’s ironic that an image used for real estate sales can look fine art (at least to me). Fortunately I had a high resolution camera with me to capture detail. And high ISO capabilities – the interior was dark and I was using no supplemental illumination (hey, it was a budget job).  Between the camera, photoshop, and Nik filters, it’s amazing what can be accomplished with just the ambient. I’m definitely a strobe guy, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the logistics. 

Sometimes things just happen. And fortunately I had my camera to record the scene. There’s something to be said for living in the moment, but, for me, photography is the moment. Both at time if image capture and the final creation in post process.

Enjoy. I certainly did.

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