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Spicing up Real Estate Images

I do a lot of (inexpensive) real estate photography, primarily for rental properties. No lighting – most of the heavy lifting being done by Photoshop. It’s definitely not high end, but, then again, neither is my pricing.

But I ran across some actions on Evato that work really well for providing an illustrative look. They require some tweaking, but I’m very pleased with the result.

Take this condominium complex shot for example.

I think it adds an interesting twist to what can be rather dull and repetitious. Almost a romantic look.

It also works fairly well for cityscapes, or anything with structures. This is downtown Jacksonville, Florida, with the iconic Main Street Bridge featured.

I’m a runner, and there’s a 15K race called The Gate River Run that crosses this bridge and then the course comes back over the longer and steeper Hart Bridge (a.k.a “The Green Monster”). I always thought the Main Street Bridge was a tougher run due to the grating of the road surface. It does happen a little over a mile into the race, while the Hart is at roughly mile 7.5, so fatigue isn’t a problem – but footing is.

Anyway, I know its been a while posting so I’ll attempt to get back at it.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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