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Speed Derivative: Boy With Balloons

No, this is not calculus.

I was struggling with concepts for an assignment entitled ‘speed’. An image stuck in mind of a young child holding balloons and watching biplanes go by. It was a period piece.

I shot a backup image loosely based on the concept, but which may end up illustrating the concept better.

However, I was able to locate talent and this materialized:


It wasn’t quite the vintage piece I had envisioned, but it has nonetheless the look and feel of what I was after. I’m just not sure if it is an illustration of the concept. Details.

This was the first time I have really shot children, and I learned quite a bit. The image is a composite of 5 different images, with the hero shot in studio. I did that to control lighting and to ensure I had the shots (accounting for weather). It ended up controlling my subject as well. Lesson one. We went to the beach afterwards to shoot some informal portraits for his mom (sans lights), and as soon as he hit the beach I lost all control. Controlling him, the balloons, and the lighting would have been impossible. I would not have got the shot.

The informal portraits I will blog on later because they stretched me just a bit. Shot without strobe, they were successful, I think, and a departure from what I normally do. Interestingly, the experience led me out of my comfort zone, produced successful images, yet validated not only this approach but to my general preference for supplemental lighting. The later point is multi-dimensional, and I’ll touch more on it later.

More to come.

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