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Snow Queen

I was intrigued by this bottle of vodka; I saw it and immediately knew not only that I had to photograph it, but the completed image popped into my head. I knew exactly how I was going to do it. I had this martini glass sitting in the cabinet purchased for just such an occasion (the clerk was probably wondering why I bought only 1).

So I hurried home, details of the shoot and image processing dancing through my head. Even though I had an idea of what I was going to do, and was excited to do it, I put the items in a cabinet. And there they sat. And sat. And sat.

Travel, other shoots, life. It happens.

Well, sometimes you just have to – as Nike says – “just do it.”

So I did.

This is a composite, obviously, of approximately 5 shots.

For layout, even though I normally prefer landscape (which I think more contemporary – movie and web influences), I wanted this image to be more of a magazine ad. That’s the vision I had (I imagined the background image of the bottle label, with a pour into a martini glass in the foreground, as soon as I saw the bottle). So I composed it vertically at a 4:3 ratio.  I also created a square version for Instagram.

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Shooting glass is always fun, and not as hard as it seems once you know how. I used a bright field technique here, as I knew I wanted a bright, cool feel to the image (the blues from the bottle helped here). I wanted an illustrative look, so I made the image simple and graphic. I added a little “snow”, and the image came together – with the requisite give-and-take, in Photoshop.

Lighting and other details on flickr.

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