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Silver Lake Sand Dunes

I live at the beach, and we do have sand dunes. But not like the dunes at Silver Lake in Michigan. 

They’re massive. 

Which is interesting to me as you would think the ocean would produce a lot more sand than Lake Michigan. Yet our dunes are much smaller. Weather probably has a lot do with it – we do have hurricanes and storms that can periodically eliminate or limit their size.

In any event, I was impressed.

Going into it I knew that I wanted to create black and white images. I agree with the notion that you should go into a shoot knowing how you want to process the images. The decision to create color or B&W images should generally be made a priori – intent is part of the creative process. I generally don’t like images presented as color and B&W side-by-side. My philosophy is it is best to decide before image capture which way to go. It’s not a hard and fast rule.

I suppose it goes back to Jay Maisel’s famous quip regarding image creation: “light, color, gesture: pick 2”. It was the shape of the dunes and the drama of the light played on them (very contrasty as it was late afternoon) that I wanted to highlight. Color had no place for me here.

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