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Should you?

Upon arriving at a certain age, one must deal with the reality of say a resume. You can limit your job history, but then again you’re limiting your experience as well. And that should be the biggest selling point – you’ve seen it. More than once.

I’m in very good shape. I run distance (well, at least until my piriformus started bothering me – another story and hopefully short term, but it has jeopardized my running in a 15K in a couple of weeks) and lift weights religiously. So when the age is figured, how best to present it.

Well, if you have something to show, then by all means show it!

It was suggested I include a photograph on my resume. Now I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, but at least it will make it stand out! I’m no spring chicken, but I’m in better shape than a lot of people half my age. I can go the distance, baby!

This also happened to be fortuitous as there was a lighting setup I wanted to try (old dogs CAN learn new tricks). So I did both.

While testing I came up with this, which I liked a lot. Single source boomed overhead and in front, so only the edge catches me. Reflectors all around, including the floor.

Casual shots like this are perfect for facebook and LinkedIn. They’re also fun to do as there is much more leeway. Men in particular have a much wider latitude when it comes to lighting.

Adding a background light and a change of wardrobe for a more business look.

Headshots are an indispensable tool. Get a current one! They’re fun to do. A professionally shot one is not that expensive and pays dividends.

Details on flickr.

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