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Shadow Play

Continuing my foray into still life, the challenge was to produce an image with strong shadows. This meant a “hard” light source (meaning one small relative to the subject – like on a clear sunny day where you see a distinct shadow with well defined edges. The sun, though big, is actually quite small relative to us here on earth – small enough to cover with a fingertip held at arms length.

I wanted something very graphic. After batting around a few ideas, I thought of a pair of scissors casting a long and well defined shadow. So I came up with this:

In keeping with the theme, I wanted plenty of (literally!) white space to balance the strong lines of the scissor and its shadow. A snoot-ed flash head provided the hard light I needed to create the shadow (placed some distance away). I did convert it to B&W, but in reality there was little difference between it and the color version as the scissor handles were black.

I have to admit this did remind me of a print made with Kodalith film. But that would betray my age …

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