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Session FAQ

Q: I see most of the options are for prints. Can I get files?

A: All images that are printed are accompanied by a file suitable for posting. This image contains a watermark and is not designed for printing. Don strongly believes that photographs are meant to be printed and seen, not placed on a disk and thrown in a drawer. Print quality varies widely, and Don wants to ensure that what you receive is of the highest possible quality. Ensuring a quality result means having control of the printing process. However, Don will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Q: What about Christmas or other cards?

A: Don can provide files suitable for use in creating cards.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can do with the images?

A: Yes. A complete explanation is offered here.

Q: Is retouching included?

A: Yes, all images are completely retouched.

Q: When can I select images?

A: Generally images are reviewed at the session for initial selects, and then proofs are provided once retouching has occurred. You make your final selections from the proofs.

Q: How soon will the images be available?

A: Proofs are generally available within 2 weeks of the session, and often within a week.

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