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Romancing the Beach

I am fortunate to be able to live in a beach community. The connection to the sea can be quite strong for us. It’s in our DNA. There is beauty and mystery there. And a classic location for portraiture.

Among my most successful beach portraits are those taken in the evening, especially after a storm. The beach is often empty, adding to the moodiness.  The wind is up,  creating movement in clothing and hair, and with a dramatic sky as a backdrop it makes for compelling imagery.

I took this one about a year ago.

There’s a certain Gone With the Wind flavor to it, don’t you think? Using a DC powered pack and studio head I am able to create a direction of light. It has a painterly feel. There is drama, and romance, and with the subject beautifully lit it remains a remarkably simple, yet effective, portrait.

All thanks to the beach.

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