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Return of the Headshot

Headshots have seen a renaissance of late, with “rock star” photographers like Peter Hurley basing entire careers on them. Adding some contemporary twists, like landscape orientation and posing to project personality – not just a serious, business-like image – has expanded their use to comp cards (and not just for models), to press kits and social media.

Natalie had me take a few of her in studio last week, and I think this one reflects her personality:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

Though it ¬†incorporates traditional aspects, such as the gradient background, I used posing and composition to give it a contemporary, energetic feel. I also drew on my beauty and glamour background to light it and do post production. As a teenager, I wanted the image to be sophisticated, yet age appropriate. I feel strongly that such an image should reflect the subject as closely as possible, both visually as well as personality. I want the viewer to think Yup, that’s Natalie.

It’s fresh and yet somewhat classic, a useful addition to her dancer comp card and publicity material.

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