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Red Skies

I had the opportunity of photographing an event at the most beautiful studio I have yet seen. Granted, it was a yoga studio, and my experience with yoga studios is limited. Like this is the only yoga studio I have been to.

Still, I can’t imagine a better space.

If you’re a yogi – or want to be one – I can’t imagine a better place than Red Skies Yoga in Jacksonville, FL.

It was a grand opening, replete with afterparty.

In a marked departure from my shooting style, I used no strobe (not wanting to be more intrusive than I  already was). The lighting was a challenge, even with the ambient lifted more (by opening the window curtains) than is customary for yoga. Thankfully the dynamic range and low light capabilities of the Sony a7RII were up to the challenge. Love the camera. Love it’s lenses, particularly the G Master 85 – a perfect short tele with a wide aperture, great for isolating the yogis and their instructors.

Note the contrast between the cooler light temperature coming from the window and the warmth of the interior lights. Yellow and blue are complementary colors, so this in fact works well IMO. Plus I love the backlighting.

Even longer lenses like my venerable A mount 70-200 compressed and help isolate in a very crowded room.

There were lots of yoga mats, lots of yogis, and a whole lot of fun and flowing going on!

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