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Rainy Day at Big Talbot

It poured on the way, but thankfully by the time we arrived – we included dancers Natalie and Haley – the rain stopped and the skies were not so gray.

Everyone, it seems, who sees pictures of this place wants to use it as a location. Hopefully I won’t relegate it to cliche …


Natalie doing her thing.

Dancers also make great subjects for beauty images. Haley demonstrates:


My penchant for short lighting comes with me on location too. And there is just no substitute for the extra couple of stops you can get out of a wide angle prime as opposed to a zoom (although rumor has it that Sigma is working on a f/2 zoom for full frame cameras in the 24-70 range).

Given the conditions, I didn’t use a lot of gear.┬áBoth images were taken with a standard 5″ reflector (that’s very small for a studio quality light). I can get away with this (and I went this direction so I could break down quickly in case the rain returned) since I was just over the ambient exposure, meaning the ambient fill was enough to compensate for the relative hardness of the light (bigger mod = softer light, smaller mod = harder light). Elinchrom’s head design (my faithful Ranger Quadra with the “A”ction head), as well as their mods – even the small ones or just their reflectors in this case – give great light quality, so that helps, too.

Going light also means I could move around and adjust quickly, so we got plenty of frames in a relatively short period of time.

More from this shoot to come …

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