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After a 3 week absence I’m back on the blog. I was busy editing video and was, as they say, consumed.

But I’m better now.

I received a call from Savery Morgan of CooperMorgan Dance to create a poster from an image I shot last year. The timeline was tight. Like “have it done tomorrow” tight.

Because of that timeline, I had Savery pick an existing design that he liked, and then worked within that general concept to create something that would work with the photograph he chose. This is what I came up with:


I felt I could not do a total extract of the dancer, since among other things her hands were partially obstructed by the rocks. And it is after all a location shot, and I am loathe to simply discard the location. I keyed off of the sky (masked out by the solid color here) for the upper and lower bands, and then chose a complimentary color (orange) for the highlighted text. I think the partial cut-out adds impact.

Thanks to Don Giannatti and Charles Johnson for their feedback.

Hopefully the poster will draw a large number of students; this company consists of many talented dancers and instructors and they are a pleasure to work with. Now if they would only work on the lead times …

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