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Play It Where It Lies

I’ve hit a wall as of late. Things have been slow. And although I’ve tried to fill the time with retouching, for example, I felt the creative void.

Thankfully, an assignment came up that forced me to get off my butt, think, shoot, and create.

The assignment was to illustrate the game of golf, particularly the mysticism of the game. Well, I don’t play golf. This was going to be tough.

I bounced around a few ideas, and decided that I wanted an illustrative look (taking the assignment text literally), but with a twist.

I have watched golf on occasion, and witnessed (via TV) Bubba Watson’s amazing shot from the woods on #10 to reach the green (which was hard right – the shot had to bend around an alley formed by trees to reach the green) during the playoff of the 2012 Masters. Which he did. Even I was impressed. It was one of those moments in sports that are remembered as amazing.

So, you gotta hit the ball wherever it lands. That’s part of the mysticism of the game. So taking things to the extreme (what else), I came up with this:

No ballerinas were available so you have to go with what you got (just like where the ball lies). I’m just saying.

One of the things I’ve learned – and a very appealing part of the craft – is that as a photographer, especially doing commercial work, you are in large part a problem solver. You engineer an image to meet the client’s needs. Whether that image is “real” or imagined, a concept has to be developed and followed through. That challenge continually inspires me.

Fortunately this concept allowed me to combine studio photography, some location work, and post processing – all aspects of photography that I really enjoy. Post processing in particular continues to increase in importance not only in developing the final image but as a signature of my own personal style.

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