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I was commenting to a friend how grateful I am to have access to technologies that enable photographic vision. This is the golden age of photography. Everything from smart phones to amazing cameras with unheard of resolution, sharpness, dynamic range, and portability. And drones.

I purchased mine for several reasons; I don’t have a commercial license (do in no small part to archaic and nonsensical FAA regulations, but that’s another story – you actually have more rights as a hobbyist than you do with a commercial license). So I can’t make money or use any photographs or video shot using it to promote anything. It’s there for my enjoyment – and hopefully yours.

But there are side benefits. 

For one thing, I have become familiar with LOG video and how to handle color grading.  I aim for a “cinematic look,” and so what’s done in post processing becomes very important. I was always a little timid with S-LOG on my A7R2, but the Mavic that I use forced me to come to grips with D-LOG and I’m glad for the experience.

Another benefit is that video is much less forgiving than still photography. In some ways it’s easier as there is motion; there isn’t the focus that a still photograph brings out in the viewer on a single frame. Video tells a story over many frames; still photographs have 1 chance. However, the ability to manipulate footage (at least with what I have) is limited by the technology used to capture it. I can get pure sensor data out of my still camera (which also shoots video, but it is “cooked”, as are most video cameras), but alas not with video.  And the ones that do support RAW eat storage like nobody’s business. So I’m forced (but not always successful, at least not yet) to live and deal with a media having very limited dynamic range. So this again helps my overall video prowess.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

One thing the Mavic does is provide a completely different perspective. Photography is all about light and seeing, and I have not had the opportunity to see quite like this. Renting helicopters is damn expensive. This is not.

I’ll be posting several videos I have made thus far. 

For this post, I give you Jacksonville, Florida, on a Sunday morning. From a different perspective.



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