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Oster Toaster

So (you’re not supposed to begin a sentence with ‘so’, but I’m a rebel) Kindera has this turquoise-y toaster that I really liked (the color, that is). And I had this half roll of orange seamless – you know, opposites on the color wheel. And I watched a little bit of Steve Hansen (a Seattle based food photographer) throwing food around.

So next thing you know I’m popping waffles out of this toaster on orange seamless. On set. Having more fun than a grown man is allowed to have.

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

I confess I never envisioned myself giddy over popping waffles out of a toaster, but that’s photography for you.

I have been doing a lot of black-and-white work lately and the color pop was refreshing. That’s the thing about photography – it’s my own little world that is created in that frame, a reality that I can totally control, limited only by imagination and skill in realization. A world in which even a humble toaster can come alive and be … fun.

Food. Simple. Motion. Fun. All in front of strobes.

Technical details of this image on flickr.

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