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One Light, Big Light

There are photographers, such as the late Gary Perweiler, who built careers using essentially one light. It’s so easy these days to add lights, and never underestimate my ability to over-light a subject 🙂

This still life image, with a box my dad made, is lit in that style with a single large source. Gary often used reflectors to add fill, which this image does not have. I wanted something that resembled window light, hence there is no fill.

Backgrounds are very important to an image, and I couldn’t come up with one that I liked, so I used an old set of the “Harvard 5 foot shelf of books.” Unfortunately, insects got into the collection while in storage, and ruined about ⅔ of them. I had enough though to create a background that seemed to fit the mood of the image.

I’m told that these classic one light setups are making a comeback. What’s old is new I suppose … 

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