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New Digital Digs

You will no doubt have noticed the new website design. After 5 years or so I thought it time for a change.

It was also the opportunity to clean some things up and make it easier for me to change appearances as well as make it friendlier for mobile devices.

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So why the image of the old data cables? Well, frankly, some things never change …

Not a lot of photography has been happening lately. The simple fact is if you are a digital photographer you either have to have a digital tech or systems administrator or you play the role yourself. With terabytes worth of data, maintenance is an issue. And with lots and lots of data, nothing. moves. very. fast.

In addition to the website redesign, I recently discovered a problem with my backup scheme (I use OS X server or whatever they call it this week, serving Time Machine over the network). Well, TM doesn’t play nicely with my nearly 3 TB archive, so it decided it just wasn’t going to back it up anymore. After cleaning up the bits of my server strewn across the floor (metaphorically speaking), things are slowly getting back to where I am comfortable that I can recover should disaster strike (or should I say, when it strikes). I am still living on the edge a little until everything gets caught up.

I see myself catching up with clients and personal work real soon now …

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