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Moscow Mule

Continuing with the lockdown projects, splash photography was up next.

I had an idea. That was the first sign that things might get, well complicated.

I envisioned an ad, for a Moscow Mule, with my favorite vodka as subject.  I needed 3 primary elements, and wanted the beer exploding up out of the can of Ginger Beer. Borrowing a copper mug, I came up with this:

This was a very challenging shot for a variety of reasons. First, everything had to be shot differently, especially the bottle (as it is transparent). It turns out all of the objects in the image were glossy, and therefore reflected everything. The middle bottle label was particularly difficult, as it’s gold-ish bands and lettering produced a prism-like reflection when lit directly. 

You light splashes/projections of liquids from the side(s) to both make them visible and to provide dark outlines with highlights. 

Lots of retouching, lots of patience. And good practice.

The lettering I felt was necessary to balance the composition and enhance the ad-like nature of the project.

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