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Mariana Headshots

Mariana needed professional headshots for social media and for publicity (she is a singer in addition to being an international business major at a local university).


When shooting younger women my preference is beauty lighting (old habits die hard, or, should I say, persevere).  My favorite modifier in this respect is the 16″ Elinchrom Mini-Soft, white, with silver deflector. Lastolite tri-reflector underneath for fill. I love the falloff from the smaller beauty dish – it really sculpts the face, and, with the reflector controlling the chin and under-eye shadows, is a really beautiful light for young skin.

These are professional headshots, but I tend to give them a slight beauty retouch. Mariana is very photogenic, took direction well, and I think we captured some great images that can be useful in business as well as artistic applications.  

Very little retouching, except for centering that pendant!

It’s always a collaborative effort –  both photographer and subject need to be motivated (and it’s the photographer’s job to provide the motivation in case it’s not there). No problem on this shoot and I think the results show this.

Plandemic, schamdemic. You’re gonna need those headshots! LinkedIn profiles, publicity, model or dance portfolios. We can work together and show you at your best. Let me know when I can help!

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