Lipstick Composite

Now that all the bits and bytes are in their proper place, the allure of the pop of the strobes called.



Inspiration from this shot came from 2 sources.

I saw a lipstick composite on one of the groups I belong to, and had been wanting to do something similar for a while. I used a modification of the lighting presented there, and took a single image which I then composited into the group. Using the colors found online for this particular product, I changed the color of each tip individually.

I tend to think that the human touch adds to presentation of product. Even a pair of hands. I had recently watched a biography of Bert Stern (Bert Stern: Original Madman), and there is an image he did as a promotional for the movie Lolita that struck me. I had wanted to do a picture with those sunglasses. So …

I drafted Natalie, matched the lipstick to the glasses, and this is the result.

Lots of post production but I was pleased with the results.

And the sound of those strobes popping is music to my soul.

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