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Tough day at the office yesterday.

Shot a dance recital in a dim auditorium. Fast action. No light. Grinding of teeth.

For you camera geeks, f/2.8 at ISO 3200 still yielded only 1/30 of a second – sometimes 1/8 – way too slow to stop arms and legs. And even dancers. And of course I packed light, leaving faster primes at home that could have given me 2 more stops. You know, because zooms have always worked. What could be different, right?

You live and learn.

Sometimes those lemons do give us lemonade, though. This riot of color with dancers seen through other dancers, giving a double-exposure effect thanks to glacially long shutter speeds, captures the feeling and emotion of the last dance, with dancers leaping into the audience during a contemporary ballet number.

There is the peak of action to save me thankfully, well, that and 5fps (so one of the sequence may even be sharp!). I did manage to capture more traditional images like this as well:

This is from the same dance.

More TK.

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