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Laser Level

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to do as a challenge (time challenge that us) a continuing education class in which there are weekly assignments. I’ve shot a lot of product, and this week’s assignment was on tools.

I decided to shoot a laser level I bought that has plumb and level beams. The challenge was how best to represent those, and I decided to experiment with 2 approaches.

The case itself was fairly standard fare. The product was designed with a hard glossy plastic case, so that’s how it needs to be presented. Using large scrims alongside each side with a strip box illuminating them from behind, with a small (since the product is small) soft box overhead, showed the glossy nature yet with a nice gradient.

The beams had to be done in post.

The first approach was to illustrate them as lines, with the second more of a “plane of light,” which might be more accurate but I don’t think conveys the idea as well.

As always, lighting details on Flickr.

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