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Kitchen Appliance for Portfolio

Shooting appliances can be challenging. My first attempt at depicting a KitchenAid mixer was a failure. I tried to shoot it in a kitchen, but it just wouldn’t work.

I almost threw the towel in.

Often, however, the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward. 

For some reason in looking at the mixer, I thought of an industrial robot. I mounted an attachment that would enhance this look, including the fact that it was white. I wanted a stark, white-on-white, industrial look. Adding the eggs added to this effect.


Shooting against a white background, though popular for images on Amazon, can be boring. In this case, however, the starkness helped sell the concept. A gradient helps pull the eye down, keeping it from leaving the top of the page.

After shooting this, I thought popped into my head of a head-on shot, again with an industrial look to it – same white-on-white theme. I wanted it to look somewhat menacing, so placed the egg in the foreground as the mixer loomed in the background. I used the whisk attachment, which added to the aggressive look. For this shot, I chose to let the top of the  mixer anchor it, so no gradient. The vertical orientation makes it work (in the previous image, it is horizontal, so I thought anchoring was necessary).

I also thought they would look together and framed them in a single image.

Technical details on flickr.

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