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Kickin’ the Cryo

I was shooting images of a product based on amniotic fluid. When I found out that it was cryogenically stored, well, the coolness (ha!) factor increased by an order of magnitude. Using a gel to match the blue of the cryo vial’s cap and a second light to create a spotlight effect to add interest, I came up with images like these:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

Sort of a real-life witches brew. Simulated, of course.

I more side-lit than back-lit, as you can see from the light falloff from left to right (camera perspective). This was cross-lit with my key; I like that effect in product photography where the main lighting goal isn’t necessarily to mimic the sun’s behavior. One of the reasons I enjoy product so much is a lot more flexibility in lighting. With people, if you get too far away from what your brain is used to with respect to light’s behavior, then the result can be somewhat disconcerting. With product, I find more leeway.

Opportunities like this keep product photography interesting to me. Making product – such as a vial of fluid – epic gets my juices flowing.

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