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I admit I have a thing for what we called “sneakers” back in the day. Living in Florida I wear lots of shorts – early and often. Never did like the loafers-with-no-socks look, I stub my toes too much with flip-flops, and I don’t like to wear running shoes (except when I’m running). So the footwear of choice is – wait for it – sneakers.

I like skate shoes. I don’t skate, and don’t ask. They’re just comfortable and I like the way they look. The local surf/skate shop supplies my everyday needs. Holidays are sale days, and when a pair of Stefan Janoski’s was had for a pittance on the Fourth, well …

My wallet was a little lighter.

But first they had to find their way in front of my lens.

I had an image in my library, made several years ago, of a skateboarder at the local park. He’s coming almost out of the frame, straight towards me. It’s a key shifted image -very saturated – with some motion blur, which I think adds to the energy of the shot. Coincidently his shirt matched the color of the Swoosh on one of the shoes. Happy accident.

As soon as I bought these I saw an ad mockup emerge. It materialized on my computer monitor as follows:


Composites are fun. I feel I’ve been lacking in the imagination department lately so maybe this will help kickstart a project or 2.


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