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Insidious Tomatoes

That was the assignment.

Now, I could have done a straight-forward still life of a tomato. Or tomatoes. But then I Googled “tomatoes” and saw the 19.7 million (rough, un-scientific estimate)  images of tomatoes. Cue Zack Arias: If everyone is going this way, I’m going the other way.

Sage advice, thought I, so I decided to take it.

So this is what I came up with, entitled When Tomatoes Get Too Spicy.

This time, at least, I make no apologies for going off-the-wall. I got sick of looking at straight-forward tomato shots. I didn’t think the world needed another, or at least I didn’t think I could contribute another worth contributing.

This composite actually took days to complete, and at least a few shoots. Studio. Location. I don’t even like tomatoes all that much and ended up with a bunch of them. Hey, the sacrifices we make for art.

Those of you liking “straight’ photography will sleep better at night knowing that I have a shoot scheduled for Sunday, one that I hope completes a concept started more than a year ago. Yes, it involves pointe shoes and ballerinas.

O, wait. What the hell is “straight photography?” Stuff Ansel did? Think again. Well, maybe nowhere near this extent. OK, not even in the same galaxy. Hey, but I did get Ansel’s name in the post 🙂

Fact is, I embrace post-production. No, I belly-flop, nose dive, hell-for-leather into it  Just like Ansel (read his books). Only my tools are much better (you can successfully argue materialization. Hey, Ansel was one-of-kind, not-to-be-replicated).

In any event, for the time being at least, escaping tomatoes will have to do. At least for this implementation.

“Straight” photography or not.

NB: I call myself out for invoking Ansel Adams in my post. Cheap shot, I know. Points for grappling? Dude, I use the Zone System. Seriously.

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