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Some of my work (and the backstory) was just published, appearing in Don Giannatti’s Guide to Professional Photography. It’s just a 2 page spread, and no, I don’t make anything from the book sales. But I have to admit, it is something of a (cheap) thrill.

This image of Ksaundra is one of 5 that was used. This was made a couple of years ago at the Little Jetties off A1A in Atlantic Beach, still a favorite location to shoot.

With the centered horizon it does break some composition rules. What horizon? Exactly. But it works in this case, I think, and , more importantly, notice that her head is not violated by it (anĀ unforgivableĀ sin in my book).

Ksaundra has a dance background; her body control and ability to project are a perfect example of why dancers are such popular subjects. As a people shooter, the gesture added to an image, I feel, makes for profound imagery. Pictures that are kicked up a notch.

Bodybuilders are another group that add an extra dimension to the images they appear in. I have some projects scheduled that I plan on adding a glamor and fine art twist to. I am really excited about them. Stay tuned.

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